Three Signs your Medical Staff is Unhappy

August 29th, 2016

Keeping the team at your medical office focused on providing quality patient care becomes a challenge when they are unhappy. Absenteeism and tardiness begins to increase which puts extra strain on your other employees just trying to put in a good day’s work. Additionally, it’s hard for a dissatisfied staff member to show the empathy necessary in the healthcare industry.

Knowing the signs that your staff is growing frustrated as soon as possible is important so you can deal with any issues before they become contagious. Here are three things to watch for to ensure your medical office continues to run smoothly.

Arriving Late and Leaving Early

If you are noticing more employees arriving a little late for their shift in addition to leaving a bit early, this is a possible sign of their unhappiness. Make it point to hold a private chat with the person to find out if their problem is in their personal life or possibly at the office. If the tardiness issue is office-wide, a meeting with the entire team is likely a good idea at this point.

Survey your staff to see if there are any things you and your management can do if the chronic lateness is due to office-related issues. Stress the importance of providing quality patient care when encouraging your team to be sure to arrive on time.

A Lack of Cooperation and Teamwork

Working together as a team is vital in any industry, but it is especially important in the world of healthcare. Be on the lookout for incidents where your employees display a lack of teamwork or conflict. Emphasize the importance of communication and collaboration to ensure your office operates on an efficient basis.

Failure to show Empathy

Empathy is arguably the most important trait for anyone working in the healthcare industry. When you see your staff not giving the right attention to their patients’ needs, it is a potential sign of professional unhappiness. Pay particular attention to any examples of your staff disparaging or making fun of those under their care.

Ultimately, keeping the communication channels open between you and your staff is vital when handling unhappiness at your medical office. Don’t let any problems evolve into something worse.

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