The Top Three Posts of 2014 for the HR Professional

December 30th, 2014

As 2015 is just around the corner, this gives us a chance to take a look back at some of the most meaningful posts from 2014. With the economy continuing to improve throughout the year, hopefully your organization also saw an uptick in your own business prospects. With that in mind, hopefully you will find some insight in the following top posts from 2014.

What Unconventional Benefits could you provide Employees?

As the job market becomes more competitive with the improving economy, your organization needs to go the extra mile to engender loyalty from your current employees or to attract the best possible candidates. Leveraging unusual benefits helps to make your company stand out in the local market. This article looks at a few unconventional benefits to consider adding to your organization’s compensation package.

Tips on boosting Overall Workplace Morale

A happy workplace is an efficient workplace which is good for your company’s overall success. Keeping your staff’s happiness quotient near its maximum is a great way to improve your firm’s operational efficiency. This article looks at a few tips for boosting workplace morale in the hopes of improving your company’s bottom line.

Addressing the Importance of a Retirement Plan for your Employees

Maintaining a robust retirement savings account is vital for your employees. While your organization can help things as part of your benefit structure, it is also important for your staff to contribute to their own retirement plan. This article looks at the importance of talking with your workers about successfully planning for their own retirement.

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